The Lord Leads Us Like a Good Shepherd

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The Lord leads us throughout our lives. He is like a Good Shepherd, guiding us to spiritual food and drink, guarding us and keeping us safe. But He also always leaves us in freedom to follow or not. He provides the truths of His Word and the support of the angels to help us make good choices, but we are free to reject what is spiritual as we go about our lives. The way the Lord leads us is referred to as His Divine Providence. Often, we cannot sense this leading, but it is always there, flowing throughout our lives. 

The Lord “leads a person as silently as an imperceptible stream
or favoring current bears a vessel along” (Divine Providence 186).

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Projects and activities for all ages

  • The Lord Is Our Shepherd Bible Picture
    A color picture of the Lord our Shepherd.
  • Following the Lord Our Shepherd (ages 2-8)
    Make a sheep for members of the family and a figure representing the Lord as our Shepherd. Can be made into magnets for the refrigerator or felt pieces for a flannel board.
  • Play Follow the Leader (for ages 3-6)
    Talk about following the Lord wherever He leads us. Then let everyone take turns being the leader and the followers. Remind leaders to be good “shepherds” and be careful where they lead their flock. 
  • Shepherd with Lamb Coloring Page by Jacqueline S. Bostock
    Lovely picture of the Good Shepherd holding a lamb in His arms.
  • Maze or Labyrinth? (for ages 10-15)
    Make a maze to show what life is like when we lead ourselves and a labyrinth to reflect how the Lord leads us.
  • The Good Shepherd Coloring Page by Josephine Ellis
    The Good Shepherd carrying a sheep to safety.
  • Lost Sheep Spiritual Task (ages 18 and up)
    The Lord searches for His lost sheep, seeking to lead them to heaven. Can you see ways that He helps when you feel lost?
  • For Reflection: Other Sheep (teens and adults)
    In John 10:16, Jesus talked about “other sheep.” What are some ways we can reach out to people whose lives we touch?
  • Stream of Providence Game (for ages 5-10)
    Play a game moving toward the Lord our Shepherd and His heavenly sheepfold. Sometimes, life seems to be going along peacefully, in the “stream of Providence.” At other times, there are stormy seas or a forest maze. By looking to the Lord and applying His Word to our lives, we can find peace once again.
  • Reflect on the Lord’s Divine Providence in Your Life (for older teens and adults)
    Think about ways that the Lord has cared for you in the past. Talk with your children about the Lord’s Divine Providence in your life. This will help them (and you) know that we can trust His Providence for the future as well.

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