The Story of Creation

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The story of creation teaches us about the Lord our Creator. He created the heavens and the earth. He gives us everything we need to live useful lives here on earth and to learn how to become angels in heaven.

The Story

Read the story of creation in Genesis 1:1-31.

The Seven Days of Creation Video (ages 3-8)
A lovely summary of the creation story for young children.

Ideas for discussion:

  1. The Lord created day and night. Why do we need night and day? (Light helps us be active in the day time but we also need time to rest. Angels watch over us at night when we sleep.).
  2. On the second day, the Lord created the firmament—the sky. Then the Lord divided the waters under the sky (oceans, lakes, rivers) from the waters above (rain). How does water help us? How does water show us what truth can do for our minds?
  3. On the third day, the Lord made dry land appear and plants grow. (The Lord’s teachings are like seeds that can grow in our minds and bear fruit in our lives.)
  4. On the fourth day, the Lord created the sun, moon and stars. The Lord created the sun so we could have warmth and light. Just as the sun gives heat and light to all during the day, the Lord’s love warms everyone and His truth give us spiritual light.
  5. The Lord created fish and birds on the fifth day. He created other animals on the sixth day. How do animals help us? What is one of your favorite animals?
  6. The Lord created people with the potential to become angels in heaven. How are people different from animals? How does this difference make it possible for people to become angels? (People have minds that can learn about the Lord and choose whether to love what is good or not.)

See Family Worship: The Story of Creation for discussion ideas geared toward younger children.

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Further Thoughts

The creation story is a beautiful parable about the way the Lord helps us grow spiritually. Each day pictures a step or stage in our spiritual growth. At first, we know nothing about spiritual light. After the seventh day, or stage, we are ready to become angels in heaven.

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