The New Church

Our mission is to help people live a heavenly life through the teachings of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

The New Church is a new Christianity that provides a clear path to happiness and addresses your questions about God, love, and life after death with answers that make sense. The New Church (organizationally incorporated and legally known as the General Church of the New Jerusalem) is a small denomination with congregations in many countries around the world. Visit our denominational website at

New Church beliefs are founded in the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments, and the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Some of the core beliefs of the New Church are:

  • The Lord Jesus Christ is the one loving and all-powerful God. He is never angry and never gives up on us.
  • The Bible is the Lord speaking to us through literal stories, parables, and a deeper spiritual meaning.
  • Salvation is an ongoing process of believing what is true and living a life of good will toward others.
  • Spiritual choice is a gift from the Lord. We choose our eternal destiny.
  • Life after death is real. Everyone continues his or her life as a complete person soon after death.
  • The Lord’s church is made up of all people throughout the world who love Him and live good lives.
  • Useful service brings love for others to life. Our willingness to be a blessing in other people’s lives is the heart of healthy relationships.
  • Married love between a man and a woman can become spiritual and can continue forever.
  • The second coming of Christ is a new era of Christianity based on a new understanding of the Lord. 

For more information about these beliefs, please visit the spiritual concepts page of our denominational website. To learn more about Emanuel Swedenborg or our church organization, see our related website,