A Good and Faithful Servant

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The Lord blesses us with spiritual freedom and the ability to learn and think. In addition, He gives us a unique array of abilities, which gives each person the potential to serve the Lord and the neighbor in a special way. The goal the Lord sets for us is to put our inborn talents and spiritual gifts to use in serving others and in living a good and productive life according to His Word.

Being a good and faithful servant also involves recognizing that all good is from the Lord rather than from ourselves. He is the one who inspires us to do good things for the neighbor by alerting us to people in need and helping us to see ways that we may help them. To love and serve the Lord is to make good use of His gifts so that we can be more useful to others.

Discussion: What is the secret of being happy?

  • The angels in heaven find happiness in being useful. They find peace and satisfaction by accomplishing things.
  • Why does doing good for others make the angels happy? (Because they love the Lord and serving others.)
  • If we are accomplishing something worthwhile, we may find contentment and a deeper love for being useful to others.
  • What are some uses that bring you joy? (Consider your occupation and other opportunities to help others.)
  • To those “who faithfully perform uses, the Lord gives the love of use and its reward, which is internal blessedness, and this is eternal happiness” (True Christian Religion 736.3). This internal blessedness—this joy in making others happy—is the joy of our Lord.
  • Angels have happiness from the Lord according to the essence and quality of their use (Arcana Coelestia 997).


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