Celebrating New Church Day

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Our focus at Christmas is on the Lord’s coming into the world. At Easter, we rejoice that the Lord finished His work on earth and ascended into heaven. In the New Church, we also celebrate a day in June based on something that happened in the spiritual world on June 19th, 1770. On that day, the Lord sent His twelve disciples throughout the spiritual world to preach the good news that the Lord God Jesus Christ reigns. This is why we celebrate the birth of the New Church on the nineteenth of June.

There are many ways to help our children develop affections for this religious festival.

  • New Church congregations may hold an outdoor service, put on a pageant, give gifts to the children, and have a picnic.
  • Families can have a special breakfast or brunch. Choose red and white food to echo the colors of the New Church flag (strawberries and whipped cream, cherry Danish, cranberry juice, etc.). Or focus on yellow and orange food to suggest the sun which clothed the woman (scrambled eggs with cheese, lemon Danish, lemonade, toast with orange marmalade, oranges, etc.). 
  • You could also decorate your home with red and white flowers and New Church Day projects (see below for some ideas).
  • Help your children learn more about the New Church and the reasons for celebrating its birthday.

Projects and activities to help celebrate New Church Day

Learn more about the Birth of the New Church

The reason for celebrating this day may be more obscure for children than why we celebrate Christmas and Easter, but we can help them sense its importance if we find ways to make this day special.