Growing Up in Heaven

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The teachings of the New Church talk about children who grow up in heaven. The Lord takes special care of them, and they look to Him as their Heavenly Father. They live with angels who love children very tenderly. The children play games, enjoy beautiful gardens, and go to school. They will become angels themselves and live forever in heaven.

Read about life in heaven:

Ideas for discussion:

Read one of the worship talks, articles or stories about children growing up in heaven. Then consider one or more of these ideas for reflection or discussion.

  1. Children in heaven look to the Lord as their heavenly Father, and He oversees their care.
  2. The Lord provides everything the angels need: homes, food, and clothing. These things reflect the spiritual qualities of those who receive them. The more angels love the Lord, the more beautiful their clothing. The more angels want to serve the Lord, the more beautiful their homes.
  3. Heaven is beautiful. There are lovely parks and gardens. Flowers seem to glisten with precious gems. There are gentle animals such as deer and lambs. The beauty and variety in heaven is hard for us to comprehend.  
  4. Children in heaven go to school where they learn about the Lord, the Word, and the life of heaven. How do you think schools in heaven might differ from schools here on earth?
  5. There are mild, temporary consequences when children misbehave in heaven, such as flowers fading in their garden or a spot appearing on clothing. How might this help a child growing up in heaven?
  6. Imagine a child in heaven and try to picture what a typical day might be like.

Projects and activities for various ages:

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