He Leads Me Beside the Still Waters

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The Lord is the Good Shepherd, and we are like His sheep when we follow Him. The more we understand the nature of sheep and the role of the shepherd, the better we can understand why the Lord is called our Shepherd. A shepherd cares for his sheep day and night, and the Lord takes care of us at all times. A shepherd finds food and water for his sheep, and the Lord gives us the truths we need to guide us to heaven. And just as sheep need protection from fierce animals, we need protection from evil.

The Story

Read aloud Psalm 23. You may want to refer to one of these resources to help explain the meaning of the psalm to children.

Ideas for discussion

Each part of this Psalm tells us something about what the Lord does for us.

  1. What does a shepherd do? (They take care of sheep.)
  2. Why is the Lord called a Shepherd? (He is always with us, taking care of us.)
  3. What is our “green pasture”? (The food we need for our minds and bodies.)
  4. What are “still waters”? Have you ever seen a gentle stream of water or small lake with crystal clear water? What about a muddy river or rushing stream? Which water would you rather drink? The still waters are the truths of the Lord’s Word.
  5. In this psalm, valleys are like difficult times in our lives.
  6. How is the Word like a shepherd’s staff? (A shepherd uses a staff to guide the sheep and keep them safe. The Lord’s Word tells us what we need to do to be spiritually safe and happy.)
  7. What is meant by oil? (Oil is like the Lord’s love, and it is neverending.)
  8. If we let Him be our Shepherd, we will “dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

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Closing Thoughts

When the Lord is with someone, He leads him and makes provision so that all that happens, whether sad or joyful, may bring him what is good. This is Divine Providence (Arcana Coelestia 6303).

In His providence, the Lord looks out for our eternal welfare. Whether guiding us beside still waters or through difficult valleys in our lives, the Lord loves us and carries us close to Him.

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