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The Lord created each one of us with the potential to become an angel. He wants to give us the happiness of heaven. He will lead us to heaven if we look to Him and follow the teachings of His Word. But the Lord leaves us in freedom to choose between heaven and hell as we walk the path of life.

Key ideas that we can teach children about heaven

Talk about heaven with your children--at the dinner table, at bedtime, or in family worship. This kind of discussion helps everyone to remember that life is forever and to think from the perspective of eternity.

Little ones can be taught:

  • Heaven is the Lord’s home.
  • It is a beautiful place with gentle animals and lovely gardens.
  • Good people go to heaven and are called angels.

When children are older, they can learn that:

  • When we are ready, we go to heaven to be with the Lord.
  • Good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell.
  • People in heaven are called angels, and people in hell are called evil spirits.
  • Angels protect us from harm—especially when we are sleeping.

Ideas for teenagers include:

  • The purpose of creation is a heaven from the human race.
  • The Lord protects our freedom to choose heaven or hell.
  • To enter heaven, we must look to the Lord and be spiritually “reborn.” This is a gradual process.
  • The Lord doesn’t put people in hell, but some people choose hell by the evil choices they make while on earth.
  • The choices we make on earth have eternal consequences.

Resources for all ages

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