The Holy Supper

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Why is the Holy Supper the most holy act of worship? This sacrament can confirm our bond with the Lord God Jesus Christ, but it depends on our preparation to receive His love and wisdom, represented by the bread and wine. First we must come before the Lord, ready to receive what only He can give us.  

Key ideas about the Holy Supper

  • At the end of His public ministry on earth, the Lord established the sacrament of the Holy Supper. As the Lord celebrated the Passover with His disciples, He told them to eat the bread and to do this in remembrance of Him. Then He gave them wine, told them to drink and said that this was the blood of the New Testament or New Covenant.
  • What the Lord said and did at the Last Supper shows us that the Holy Supper is an important act of worship. But what does it mean? The bread stands for the Lord’s good and the wine stands for His truth. Taking the bread and the wine symbolize receiving Divine good and truth from the Lord. When we celebrate the Lord’s supper, we take the bread and wine into our body with a prayer that the Lord is present with His love and wisdom. For these symbols of the Lord’s very essence have the power to bring His presence within our minds.
  • It is important to come before the Lord in a receptive state of mind. In preparation for the Holy Supper, we might reflect on our thoughts and actions, read the Word, or reflect on the Lord’s great love for the human race. A humble frame of mind helps us recognize our spiritual dependence on our Heavenly Father. And this allows the Lord to draw us closer to Himself.

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