The Last Supper

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The Lord took one last meal with the disciples before His arrest and crucifixion. This “Last Supper” was a celebration of the Jewish Passover or Feast of Unleavened Bread—a feast intended to help the Jewish people remember the way God freed them from slavery in Egypt. During this last supper, the Lord prepared His disciples for the coming events, but He also gave us a new way to focus our thoughts on Him and remember all that He does for us—the Holy Supper.

The Story

Read about the Last Supper the Lord ate with His disciples in Luke 22:7-23.

You might also want to compare how this story is told in Matthew 26:17-30 and Mark 14:12-26 or John 13:1-30.

Ideas for discussion

  1. Who did the Lord send to Jerusalem to prepare the Passover? (Peter and John) How would they know where to prepare it? (They would meet a man carrying a pitcher of water and follow him to his house where there was a large upper room.)
  2. At the first celebration of Passover, the children of Israel ate roasted lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs (see Exodus 12:1-14). Peter and John prepared these to celebrate the Passover with the Lord. And there was wine.
  3. During this Last Supper with the disciples, the Lord was showing them how to celebrate the Holy Supper. What did the Lord give to His disciples as part of this new celebration? (wine and unleavened bread)
  4. The Passover feast is celebrated in remembrance of the Lord’s powerful and protective love for the children of Israel. The Holy Supper has a similar purpose for Christians.
  5. The Lord came into the world to draw closer to us and to teach us what is good and true. And He gave us the Holy Supper to help us come before the Lord, humbly asking for His help and spiritual sustenance.
  6. In the Holy Supper the Lord is wholly present with the whole of His redemption. His “flesh” symbolizes the Divine good of His love, and His “blood” the Divine truth of His wisdom (True Christian Religion 716).

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