The Lord Heals Our Blindness

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Physical blindness was a disability that the Lord healed several times while He was on earth. The stories about healing the blind illustrate the way the Lord can heal our spiritual blindness or ignorance. We all need His help to shine the light of heaven on the darkness of our own limited perspective. Just as the blind trusted in the Lord to restore their sight, we need to have confidence in His power to dispel our darkness and show us the light of truth.  

The Story

Read and compare stories about the Lord healing people who were blind.

  • Matthew 9:28-30 - The Lord healed two blind men who called out to Him.
  • Mark 8:22-25 - The Lord healed a blind man from Bethsaida.
  • Luke 18:35-43 - The Lord healed a blind man who cried out to Him.
  • John 9: 1-11 – The Lord healed a man who had been blind from birth.

Ideas for discussion

  1. Who brought the blind person to the Lord to be healed: friends, the person himself, or did the Lord go to him?
  2. Did the Lord touch those whom He healed?
  3. Did He put anything on their eyes?
  4. Did He ask them any questions?
  5. Did He tell them to do anything to facilitate the healing?
  6. Some people are blind just like the man in our story. They can’t see with their eyes. But when they go to heaven, they will be able to see. The Lord will make them well again.
  7. The Lord wants all of us to be able to see the beautiful things around us but He also wants us to see with our minds. He wants us to see what is true and good. For then we can learn what heaven is like and how we can follow the Lord’s leading….

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In healing the blind, the Lord made it possible for people to see their loved ones and the beauty of nature around them. Imagine how your world would open if you were blind and then could see! Then think about how wonderful the spiritual equivalent would be!

“I will bring the blind by a way they did not know;
I will lead them in paths they have not known.
I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight.”
(Isaiah 42:16)

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