The Lord's Gift of Marriage

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The Lord wants all of us to be happy. He would like each of us to have the blessings of true married love. But we need to do our part, looking to the Lord and nurturing a loving heart.

A Covenant with the Lord

True marriage love is a gift from the Lord. It thrives when a couple looks to the Lord. For marriage is a three-way covenant involving a husband, wife, and the Lord. Looking to the Lord is essential if we would like to have hearts that are spiritually strong and good. The kind of hearts that help us become true friends, loving marriage partners, and good parents. The Lord is always leading us toward the happiness of heaven and eternal marriage. But we need to do our part.

Give Me a Loving Heart

As we look to the Lord in our lives, He can bring us closer to the people we love. Developing our relationship with the Lord by reading His Word, talking to Him in prayer, and obeying His commandments are just some of the ways we can follow the Lord. And our efforts to bring His love and wisdom into our lives will help us become a better friend, parent, and marriage partner.

The Lord wants to give each one of us the gift of happiness in marriage. He will give us true marriage love—in heaven if not on earth—if we look to Him on our spiritual journey.

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