Wise Men Follow the Star

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The wise men went on a long journey to find the Lord when they saw a special star appear. They found the young Child in Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph. We can imagine their joy when they found Him and picture the way they fell down to worship Him!

We, too, have the ability to follow the Star to find the Lord and worship Him in our lives. The heavenly truths of the Lord’s Word can be our guiding star and help us acknowledge the Lord as the one God of heaven and earth. And if we look to the Lord and live a good life, then we are truly worshiping Him.

The Story

Read or tell the story from the gospel of Matthew 2:1-12.

The Wise Men Video tells this story directly from the Word of God, illustrating it with felt figures.

Ideas for discussion

  1. How did the wise men know that the Lord was going to be born? (One of the prophecies of the Lord’s birth said that a star would appear, so they were looking for that sign.)
  2. The wise men asked King Herod, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?” How did King Herod react? (He was worried and consulted with his advisers. He asked the wise men to let him know when they found the child. He pretended that he wanted to go worship Him, too.)
  3. What did the wise men do when the star led them to the young Child? (They fell down and worshiped Him. Then they gave Him gold, frankincense and myrrh.)
  4. Why were the wise men warned to go home another way? (Herod wanted to hurt the Lord.)
  5. What was the star that led the wise men to the Lord? (It was a group of angels in heaven that appeared as a star to the wisemen. Their spiritual eyes were opened so that they could see this bright light and follow it.)
  6. What is your favorite part of this story?
  7. How does the story of the wise men show us how we can come to worship the Lord in our lives?

Further ideas for discussion

What are some of the key differences between the story of the Lord’s birth as told in the gospel of Matthew and in the gospel of Luke?

  • In the gospel of Matthew, the story is told from Joseph’s point of view. In Luke, the story is told from Mary’s perspective.
  • Angels appear in the story in Luke but come in a dream to Joseph and the wise men in the gospel of Matthew.
  • Herod is a key part of the story in Matthew but is only mentioned briefly in Luke 2 (“in the days of Herod the king”).
  • Joseph and the wise men receive commands in the gospel of Matthew. The angels did not give orders to anyone in the gospel of Luke. The angel Gabriel told of events that would happen (Zacharias and Mary) or that had happened (the shepherds).
  • In “The Christmas Story in the Gospel of Matthew” Peter Buss, Sr. explains that the two stories appeal to us in different ways and tell how the Lord God Jesus Christ is born into our will and understanding. “The story in Matthew tells how the Lord is born into the understanding, and Luke tells how He touches our hearts.

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