New Church Vineyard

A website dedicated to the goals of New Church education.

The New Church Vineyard website is dedicated to the goals of New Church education as described in our "Why New Church Education" section. We provide materials and inspiration to help children and adults learn about the Lord God Jesus Christ, His Word, and His plans for our lives. New Church Vineyard is developed by General Church Education, a department of The New Church (incorporated as the General Church of the New Jerusalem).

Most of this site is dedicated to a database of more than 4500 resources intended to help parents, teachers, Sunday school teachers and ministers. New resources are added frequently. From this collection, we select a few resources at a time to feature on the homepage, but the entire library is always available to you. There are two sets of filters to help you search, along with a keyword search. A description of the filters appears below. For a pictorial overview see Getting the Most Out of New Church Vineyard.

Primary Filters: Find in the left sidebar of the homepage.

  • Resources For... can be helpful if you just want to look at resources directed at a certain kind of user. For example, materials about how to teach Sunday school are tagged specifically for Sunday Schools. 
  • Topics is useful for more general searching about certain holidays and spiritual topics, such as Divine Providence.
  • Bible Reference is very useful if you are interested in material for a specific part of the Lord’s Word. The books listed are those that are considered canonical for the New Church.
  • Featured Program show some of our sets of resources, resources that together created a specific program or curriculum. Some of these are completely available online for free. Others have samples available and information on how to order the whole program.

Secondary Filters: Find by selecting the Advanced Search button to see these filters appear at the top of this page. The primary filters are still available in the sidebar.

  • Resource Types gives you a sense of all the different kinds of resources available and lets you narrow your search to just coloring pages, for example.
  • Ages lets you narrow your search to just materials suitable for a certain age range.
  • Contributors looks for materials by a specific author or artist.
  • Language is the last filter. The default there is set to English but we do have a limited number of resources available in other languages.

Some Important Hints:

  • The Clear and Update Results buttons at the top of the left sidebar are important. Remember to clear previous searches before starting new ones.
  • All of the filters can be used independently. For example, you could choose to search for all coloring pages in the collection (under the Resources filter) without any other filter activated.
  • All the filters can be used in conjunction with each other. However, each filter limits the results so unless you know exactly what you need, it’s a good idea to start broad and then narrow the search as needed.
  • If keywords don't give you the results you are hoping for, try some of the filters. Resources without text, such as coloring pages, have very limited keywords and may not show up in a search.

Have fun exploring and please contact us at General Church Education if you have any questions!